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Adler Room (39-329)

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Please note: Room capacity is 10.

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Room Use Guidelines

MTL has final approval over all event submissions. MTL faculty and principal investigators and those scheduling events of relevance to the MTL community will have priority over others. 

  • Please allow up to 24-48 hours for approval.  
  • Requests are approved in order of submission.

Room access

The Adler room is setup with MIT ID card access. If you cannot enter the room with you ID, please contact jhinds@mit.edu


  • We do not provide an overhead projector for the Adler room by default. MTL has an LCD overhead that may be reserved – please note this in your event submission or contact us directly.
  • MTL has a conference phone that may be reserved – please contact us directly if needed.
  • Wireless networking is available.
  • Please restore the LCD monitor’s settings to the default after use.

Special or extra Equipment/ Furniture

If you need additional items for your Adler room reservation other than those provided by MTL (including additional furniture or equipment), it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with the appropriate vendors.  Please schedule delivery and pickup of additional items at a time that will not interfere with other events scheduled in the Adler room.


You are responsible for arriving before your reservation to accept food orders and to set up your items up as needed.  It is also your responsibility to schedule drop-offs and pick-ups in a way that does not overlap with events scheduled before or after your reservation.


Cleanup and removal of trash is a requirement for any/all users.  There are trash and recycle bins outside the Adler room. 

  • With current COVID restrictions, please do not leave any food or move it to the MTL kitchen. There are trash and recycle bins outside the Adler room. 
  • Table surface must be wiped clean.
  • All lights must be turned off, and the door must be closed and locked when finished using the Adler room.
  • If the carpet requires cleaning after your reservation, you will be contacted to provide an account number to cover the cost of professional cleaning.
  • Lost and Found items are the responsibility of the contact person for the room reservation. The contact person assumes full responsibility for tracking down the owner.
  • If you observe that any part of the Adler room is unclean upon arrival for your reservation, please email mtl-adlerroom@mit.edu  with the date and time of your meeting along with a description of the room's condition (floors, table, carpet, etc). MTL will contact the appropriate party for an account number to charge for professional cleaning.

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