Bush Room Usage Policies


Please be sure that you have bookmarked http://scheduling.mit.edu/room10-105

The Bush Room (10-105) may be used by MIT departments, offices, or groups for MIT-focused events.

You are responsible for cancellation of your reservation in the Bush Room Calendar System. Please promptly remove any reservation that you know is cancelled so that other users have access. You may do this by clicking on the icon on the day of the reservation in question, select “delete event” and confirm.


Audio visual equipment

The Bush Room has some built-in AV equipment. Users are advised that there is no AV support or instruction available—please contact MIT Audio Visual if you require assistance.

Available AV that is built into the Bush Room includes:

  • Screen
  • LCD projector
  • Sound system
  • Analog phone jacks (phones not included)

Any other AV equipment (such as a microphone, podium, DVD player, or computer) can be ordered from https://ist.mit.edu/av/events?category=2 and must be removed promptly at the end of the event.


Terms of use

The Bush Room is tightly scheduled, and we ask that users respect one another by adhering to these terms of use. Noncompliance will result in withdrawal of permission to use the room in the future.

  • On rare occasions, Institute priorities cause changes in schedule to arise without significant lead time ahead of events planned in the Bush Room. We will be in touch as soon as possible if developments affect your reservation.
  • There is no custodial service scheduled for the Bush Room; users must take responsibility for set-up, clean up, and breakdown of the room. This means including time in the reservation on either end of the event for the work to be done. The room must be returned to its original configuration after each event (see default set-up).
  • If the default furniture configuration is not being used, the user must make arrangements to have the room set and re-set. Facilities requires a lead-time of 3–5 days for set- up/breakdown orders. https://adminappsts.mit.edu/facilities/SelectEventLocation.action
  • The Bush room closet has been taken offline and, as a result, only the tables included in the default set-up are available for use. If the user needs additional rectangular tables, an event setup request will need to be submitted via Atlas (see “Service requests: event setup"). If rounds or cocktail tables are needed, user must order from an outside vendor, such as Peak Events, and arrange for set-up and pick-up of rented furniture. https://www.peakeventservices.com/
  • We now use a card reader for Bush Room access. If you are standing in front of the Bush room, the card reader is located at the kitchen door. It is the first door on your left in the hallway leading to Lobby 13. Please let us know who you would like to be added to the card reader when making your reservation.


Room maintenance

  • The room must be left ready for the next group: locked, clean, empty, lights off.
  • Remove all catering debris. Please arrange with the caterer for the prompt pick-up of dispensers and other equipment. Make use of the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen if needed.
  • Dispose of leftover food and empty all trash and recycling cans. Please place all bagged garbage and recycling in the hallway outside the kitchen and place a fresh bag inside each trash/recycling can. Bags are in the kitchen below the sink.
  • Remove all rented equipment. The Events and Information Center is not responsible for lost equipment.
  • Clean all tables and chairs. Windex and paper towels are in the kitchen. Please use a damp paper towel when wiping down the chairs.
  • Please place 20 chairs around five 8’ tables, forming a U shape, and place two 5’ tables on either side of the kitchen entrance. Arrange one row of six (6) chairs against the back wall. The remaining stacking chairs should be stacked in the kitchen.
  • Absolutely NO affixing any banners, posters, charts, etc. on walls, windows, chalkboard, doors, or other surfaces in the room. White boards, easels, and other equipment can be ordered through https://ist.mit.edu/av/events?category=20


Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions? Please contact bushroom@mit.edu

Bush Room