Bush Room Reservations
Bush Room
Important Messages

Be sure and include enough time in your reservation for any set-up, cleanup and re-set back to the default setup. Please read the room usage guidelines below.  The link to the default setup floor plan is in the 2nd paragraph.


Calendar Help

How do I enter a new event?

  1. If you are certain that there is no conflicting prior reservation for your room, date and time preference, click the Submit Event button in the upper right to open the Submit an Event form.
  2. Complete and submit the Submit an Event form to place your room reservation.
    • Some fields in the Submit an Event form will be pre-filled from personnel data associated with your MIT Personal Certificate installed on your web browser (further information: http://web.mit.edu/ist/topics/certificates/ ), which the Events office uses to authenticate authorized users of the Bush Room Calendar reservation system. You may overwrite most of these pre-filled data if you wish.
    • If you attempt to submit a reservation with required fields blank, or use unaccepted formats, you will be returned to the Submit an Event form to make corrections before resubmitting.
    • Reservations for a room, date and time that conflict with another will not be accepted, and you will be returned to the Submit an Event form to make alterations before resubmitting.

How do I change or delete an event?

  1. Events may only be changed or deleted by the individual who submitted the event or by an authorized member of the Events office staff. We identify individuals through the MIT Personal Certificate installed on your web browser. (further information: http://web.mit.edu/ist/topics/certificates/ )
  2. If you are the individual who submitted the event, navigate to the date of your event from the Year View, Month View, Week View, or Day View pages.
  3. Click your event from the Day View page. This will pop up a new window with summary information about your event. If you are the person who made the reservation, the pop up window will offer the choice to Change Event or Delete Event. If you attempt to change or delete a recurring event, you will be given the choice to either edit or delete one instance of the event, or the entire series.
  4. Selecting Change Event will open the Submit an Event form pre-filled with information from your original reservation. Make your changes and re-submit the form.
  5. Selecting Delete Event will open a confirmation prompt from which you delete your event. Deleted events cannot be restored except by making a new reservation.

Whom do I contact to obtain further assistance with reserving a room?

Please send an email to:  bushroom@mit.edu

If you need immediate assistance with a reservation, please call the Events office main desk at 617-253-4796.